I’m Graham Saunders, freelance graphic designer. I’ve been working under the banner of GAS Design since 1998.
Graham Saunders

About me

Originally from Wiltshire, I started my career as an apprentice, working my way up through various agencies in the Swindon area, from trainee ‘paste-up artist’ to designer and visualiser. This was in the pre-Mac era, so my grounding was in the meticulous production of hand-made work with a keen eye on the details, both in the design and in the technical aspects of artwork and print production. “Do it right or do it again!” was the cry of the studio manager – where “do it again” could mean a very late night in the studio!

It’s been a lasting legacy of that foundation to be very thorough, highly efficient in my design practice and technically proficient and precise in my artwork production.

I moved to Bath in the late 90s, working for two years as a Creative Director, managing a small team, before going solo as GAS Design. I still live and work in the Bath area, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the nearby countryside, while still only a few minutes from the City.

“Clarity at the beginning gives clarity in the result” was my motto-to-self when founding GAS Design, and something that I still hold to today. Through developing great dialogue with clients and active listening – I’m a good listener – I like to get to know your comms team and organisation well, and for them to get to know me. Building a solid foundation of background knowledge brings clarity to the brief – and clarity helps the creativity to flow!

But good design isn’t just about clarity and making things look right, it should also be about ‘emotional intelligence’ and creating designs that feel right too, both for client and audience. I like to bring a sensitivity to the brief, to ensure we hit the right tone. Again cultivating great dialogues at the beginning helps tremendously.

I very much enjoy the freelance role, working as an extended member of your comms team. I’m a clear communicator, responsive and adaptive, happy to be the go-to guy for that unexpected rush job, and equally comfortable managing complex long-term projects from conception through to completion, liaising with multiple parties both on client side and on the production side.

When I’m not working, for fun I like to make music and sing! I’m a member of the Bath Community Gospel Choir, and I sing and play washboard with The Old Town Reclamation String Band, AKA Bath Skiffle Sessions. Both are community projects and open to all, if you’re in the area come and join in!

What you get with GAS Design is a wealth of experience, a depth of knowledge and the understanding that that brings. Understanding coupled with practical skills and people skills – invaluable!

If you’d like to know more about my work, or discuss a potential project, call me! I’m always happy to talk.

Tel. 01225 852111